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The forum has a new format for working on a revival - new everything if people decide that they want to start a new campaign.

* The Warden Commander is a small dwarf named Nygozy, duster background - may change
* Alistair Theirin is the King and did the ritual with Morrigan to save Nygozy.
* The Cousland background is taken by Macha.* - don't know yet
* The elf background is taken by Calliara.

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Ralen Tomb aka Knight Captain Tomb

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Ralen Tomb aka Knight Captain Tomb

Post  UncleVanya on Fri Apr 08, 2011 11:01 pm

Character Name: Ralen Tomb
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Race: Human

Class: Warrior
Specializations: Templar, Spirit Warrior

Hobbies: Reading religious, military and historical texts.

Rakot wears a black hooded robe of plain make, as not to attract attention to himself in his travels. Underneath he wears a sturdy black chainmail, greaves, gloves and boots. His two swords rest on his back.

Background: Ralen was born into a minor noble family of little note, being the youngest son he was given to the Templars for training at an early age. As a child, Ralen became obsessed with the Chantry's teachings, as well as the discipline and the martial arts that he was instructed in. His focus was utter success and excellence in everything he did, his determination driven by an incredibly strong belief in the Maker saw him become one of the youngest recruits to be knighted in the history of the order. Once knighted he rose through the ranks quickly to become a Knight Leutenant.

At the time just after Ralen's promotion the Templar high command decided to create a new division in the order. They created The Zealots, a special task force of exemplary Templars in whose loyalty and strength of character the high command could trust without question. The Zealots were given sanctioned permission by the Templars and the Chantry to be trained in and use the powers of a Spirit Warriors to fulfill their duty to the Maker. The Templars and the Chantry chose to keep this information as far away out of public view as possible, as to not prompt accusations of hypocricy from their opponents. The Zealots, were not to be used on simple tasks such as shepherding obedient Circle Mages, they were instead called upon to track down and kill the most dangerous of apostates and heretics. They were the Chantry's death squad, used then things were needed to be done quickly and by any means necessary.

Ralen was one of the first to be picked for the Zealots. He embraced the new training, confident that it was the Maker's will that lead him down this path. He excelled in it as well and graduated at the top of his class earning a meritus promotion to the rank of Knight Captain.

For the past six years he served the Chantry as a Zealot, performing tasks and committing acts that some would consider questionable, but never questioning his faith or loyalty to his deity.

Personality: Ralen can be described simply as driven and methodical. He sees every detail, yet remains focused on his ultimate goal. In his manner of speech and the way he carries himself he is calm and polite. Even then killing his targets or in the chaos of battle the man never shows anger or any other emotion and is never rude. His belief in the Maker and word of the chantry knows no measure.

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